G-Class 4 Door Step Slider (2 Box Set)


G-Class Step Slider


G-Class 4 Door Step Slider: (Box 1 of 2 - DRVR Side)

(Box 1 - DRVR Side)

G-Class 4 Door Step Slider: (Box 2 of 2 - PASS Side)

(Box 2 - PASS Side)

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    Product Description

    Mercedes-Benz launched its hardcore off-road Gelandewagen in 1979 as a utility vehicle for the German military and since then has become a combination of iconic styling, off-road capability, and a high-class interior. We have engineered the Step Slider to be ready for any of your G-Wagen adventures. This fully functional, trail rated, rock slider is integrated with a power step for easy access for all demographics and everyday use. Our engineers have incorporated smart motor technology to maintain motor longevity. This will keep your step deploying and retracting consistently, even in cold and harsh weather. A sleep mode has been built in to minimize battery drainage. The slider provides protection for the rocker panel on your G-Wagen. The step will deploy a full 12 inches down from the body of the Slider when the door is opened. After closing your door, the step will automatically retract and sit flush with the body of the step slider.

    Our Step Slider is made of 10-gauge steel construction. We use a state-of-the-art automated powder coat system to acid etch the raw base material in preparation for the textured black topcoat. The internals of the step slider are made of stainless steel and aluminum to prevent rusting. This plug and play system is designed to utilize the factory mounting points for a no-drill installation. It uses a stand-alone wire harness, so no splicing or rewiring on your G-Wagen is necessary. This will allow you to retain your manufacturer warranty after installation.

    The Step Slider is rated for moderate off-road conditions. More aggressive trails require the additional skid plate for the step slider to provide further stability and protection. The G-Wagen will get you there, and we will protect your G-Wagen! For more information and related products, please view below!

    Fully Functional Step and Rock Slider
    Smart Motor
    Automated Deploy and Retraction of the Step
    Use of Original Equipment from Manufacturing
    Powder Coat Textured Black
    3/16” Steel
    Stainless Steel and Aluminum Internals
    Made in the USA.

    G-Class (4-door) 2019 – Present.

    Both Driver and Passenger side Step Slider
    Complete Stand-alone wire harness
    Magnetic Door Sensors
    Additional Mounting Hardware
    Limited Warranty (see documents for warranty information)

    Shipped in 2 boxes, Drivers Side, Passenger Side.
    LED light kit optional #SL-LK-LED

    Install Time:
    4 hours

    Bronco Product Overview:

    Gen 3 Step Sliders – What’s New:

    Motor Replacement:


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