GEN 1 Step Slider Electric Actuator Motor Replacement

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Electric Actuator
12 volt, 4″ Stroke, 35lb Static Force

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Product Description

Our First Generation Step Slider was an engineering masterpiece that brought to market the first rock slider with an integrated power step that would deploy and retract with the door opening and closing. This GEN utilized an electric actuator and an 80 lbs. gas spring to provide the mechanics behind its operation.


The actuator is highly recommended to be replaced at the same time as the gas spring.


As we no longer manufacture the first generation that used the actuator, we no longer stock the replacement parts. To assist our customers, we have located a few sources that still stock the electric actuators and the gas springs. Please use the links below to visit those retailers to order your replacement parts.

*We do not recommend trying to rebuild the 1st generation step slider unless you are mechanically inclined.
*Call our sales department at 435-752-4580 for a great deal on an upgraded set of steps!


Gas Spring: P/N #9416K11

Electric Actuator: P/N #PA-14-4-35

Purchase Actuator here on Amazon:

PROGRESSIVE AUTOMATIONS Mini Linear Electric Actuator 12V – (4″, 35 lbs.) PA-14-4-35


  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Longer unit life
  • Quieter operation
  • Increased durability
  • Higher IP Rating – IP66 protection class offers total dust and debris protection and can withstand low pressure jets of water from any direction, such as those used in cleaning procedures.
  • Low noise design – operates at just 20 DB over ambient.
  • Zinc alloy housing provides an excellent combination of strength, ductility and impact strength.
  • High-grade aluminum outer and inner tubes
  • CE and ROHS certified, 12 month mechanical warranty to keep your units serving you best.


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GEN 1 Step Slider Electric Actuator Motor Replacement


Out of stock