JK 4 Door Step Slider

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JK 4D Step Slider 3rd Gen

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Product Description

Rock Slide Engineering’s newly designed 3rd Generation Step Slider is next level. This fully functional, trail rated, rock slider is integrated with a power step for easy access for all demographics. An additional 2 inches on the back end of the step has been added to this generation for better, safer access to the rear door. Our engineers have incorporated smart motor technology and eliminated the gas strut from the internals of the step to increase the motor longevity. This improvement will keep your step deploying and retracting consistently, even in cold and harsh weather. A sleep mode has been built in to minimize battery drainage. The slider provides protection for the rocker panel on your Jeep. The step will deploy a full 12 inches down from the body of the Slider when the door is opened. After closing your door, the step will automatically retract and sit flush with the body of the step slider.

Our Step Slider is made of 10-gauge steel construction. We use a state-of-the-art automated powder coat system to acid etch the raw base material in preparation for the textured black topcoat. The internals of the step slider are made of stainless steel and aluminum to prevent rusting. This plug and play system is designed to utilize the factory mounting points for a no-drill installation. It uses a stand-alone wire harness, so no splicing or rewiring on your Jeep is necessary. This will allow you to retain your manufacturer warranty after installation.

The Step Slider is rated for moderate off-road conditions. More aggressive trails require the additional skid plate for the step slider to provide further stability and protection. For more information and related products, please view below!

Fully Functional Step and Rock Slider
Smart Motor
Automated Deploy and Retraction of the Sep
Use of Original Equipment from Manufacturing
Powder Coat: Textured Black
3/16” Steel
Stainless Steel and Aluminum Internals
Made in the USA.

JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door).

Both Driver and Passenger side Step Slider
Complete Stand-alone wire harness
Magnetic Door Sensors
Additional Mounting Hardware
Limited Warranty (see documents for warranty information)

Shipped in 2 boxes, Drivers Side and Passenger Side.
Skid plates optional #AX-SP-300-JK4
Rocker Guards optional #AX-SS-RG-JK4
LED light kit optional #SL-LK-LED
Door Delete Kit optional #SL-DD-100

Install Time:
4 hours

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6 reviews for JK 4 Door Step Slider

  1. Troy DuHamel (verified owner)

    We have a 2009 Jeep Wrangler with a 3.5 inch Mopar lift kit. After getting the Rock Slider steps it’s been a game changer. Fit and finish is awesome.

  2. Chuck Trotter

    Over the past 18 months we have transformed our 2015 JKU Rubicon. The listing of things that have been done would cover numerous pages. But we have been in agreement that despite lift kits, wheels, tires, bumpers, accessories and many other upgrades, our Rock Slide Slide Steps was the single best upgrade we performed. It was really easy to install and truly was a plug and play install. Everything fit exactly has outlined in the instructions and we could not be happier with the decision to select them over any other option.

  3. Rand Mac

    I’ve owned Jeeps of one kind or another for over for over 40 years and enjoyed wheeling as a family adventure. I had a serious spinal cord injury in early 2019 that made it almost impossible for me to get into and drive my JK 4 door. I knew that Rock Slide had a good reputation in the industry and I loved the rear bumper system I had installed on my Jeep. When I saw the RSE Step-Sliders in operation, I realized I could be back in my JK again. After thorough research, I ordered the set and a good friend helped (alot) with the installation which took us about 3 hours. I had heard that the electronics were the biggest challenge, but for me it wasn’t bad at all; just a bit tedious. With these installed, I could get in and out of my Rubicon 6″ lifted rig without any assistance….WooHoo!! They work great and continue to be essential to my life….. and they make it so much easier for my beautiful 5’3″ wife to get in and out as well. What a great idea RSE!…. Nice work!! You literally CHANGED MY LIFE!.

  4. Eric Doke

    After about 3 years of owning these steps, both step motors had begun to fail. I reached out to RSE and they offered that if i sent the steps back to them, they would rebuild the steps under warranty!!!! Unfortunately, when i received the steps back they were damaged during shipping. I contacted RSE and described the situation to them. A couple of weeks later, a brand new set of step sliders were sent to me free of charge. I am extremely happy with the RSE products and their customer service. I would recommend these steps sliders and RSE to everyone!

  5. Sydnee Kendell

    I love my RSE step sliders!! With a 3” lift I had to jump to get in my Jeep but now with these steps it is much easier for me to get in and out. They fit perfectly on the Jeep and give the Jeep a really nice finished look (I didn’t have any steps prior to the sliders). Installation time took 3 hours just like they said it would. I also have a manual transmission which didn’t change anything on the installation. I was very impressed with the set up of the entire process. It was super smooth and the instructional videos are very helpful too. Every single part we needed came with the steps, I wasn’t missing any pieces and everything was clearly labeled for assembly! Highly recommend these steps, they are AWESOME!

  6. John Anderson

    Took 3 months to get them (long story) but RSE’s Gen 3 steps and armor are impressive now that they are in-hand. Well thought out design, top notch quality, good instructions, easy installation, made in USA. Completed installing the steps on 2015 JKUR yesterday, cycled them a couple times then installed RSE armor. Fussiest part of entire install was getting magnets on doors aligned with sensors on jambs. Thankfully, FAQs at back of instructions provide guidance on disconnecting sensors to get at least one door on each side cycling the steps before moving on to second door on that side. As for the armor, it is a close tolerance fit between it and the steps. Video shows installing aluminum rivets, attaching armor to vertical face of steps, before installing carriage bolts attaching horizontal faces together. I found it easier to do the opposite – start carriage bolts first, use combination of a floor jack on the edge of step cutout and a punch to align rivet holes, pound in the rivets, drop the jack, then tighten carriage bolts. Either way, there is barely a gap between armor and steps when installation is complete. Should make for a strong assembly that will minimize chance of damaging steps when I drop this Jeep’s rockers on rocks.

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