LJ 2 Door Step Slider Skid Plate


Step Slider Skid Plate


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    Product Description

    Rock Slide Engineering has designed 3/16” steel Skid plates to protect the side and bottom your Step Sliders. Sliders are designed to take a hit, but if you love more aggressive trails: Skid Plates are necessary. Made to fit the Step Sliders like a phone case and screws into the existing step slider with the same brackets. A cutout for the actual step will allow your steps to continue functioning. We use a state-of-the-art automated powder coat system to acid etch the raw base material in preparation for the textured black topcoat.

    RSE Step Slider Protection
    3/16” Steel
    Powder Coat: Textured Black
    Made in the USA.

    RSE LJ Step Slider

    Skid Plate Set – Driver’s and Passenger Side

    Install Time:
    30 Minutes


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